AperfectioN Turkish Bath Towel, Luxury Hotel & Spa 100% Genuine Turkish Cotton 700 GSM, White, Set of 4 review

The best terry towel collection made with high quality, 100% genuine Turkish cotton. Turkish Cotton is considered more luxurious, extremely absorbent and softer than other cotton. It is incredibly soft, and it possesses and natural sheen that cannot be matched by other cottons without a lot of processing. Turkish cotton is the best washed in warm water using half the amount of a gentle detergent recommended. Bleach will make the white towels harder hand feel. Fabric softener will actually decrease the absorbency of the towel, so avoid using fabric softener. They are soft to the touch and become even softer after the first wash. These towels are also highly absorbent, durably made and long lasting. With a double stitch edge and natural dobby weave, these towels are an elegant addition to any bathroom. Set includes 4 standard size Bath Towels, measuring 27" x 54". Towels made in Turkey are softer and more durable because it is the only country which does not use any bleach in the manufacturing process, including white towels. We insist on delivering the softest, most luxurious towels to each and every one of our customers.