Bamboo Fiber Towel, 2-piece Set, Hand Towel and Bath Towel, Permanent Amtimicrobial, No Odor, For All Skin Types, Babyfriendly(light Brown) review

Ling Hong towels are made with high-quality bamboo fiber. The bamboo we use must be six year old and faced south of China. The special honeycombed paths of bamboo fiber can absorb moisture quickly and disperse to the surface of fabric, which ensure your skin dry and feel comfortable. Different from the traditional cotton towels, bamboo fiber towels are naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, and odor-preventing. Even in warm and humid environments, they will not become moldy, sour-smelling, or sticky. Similar to other bamboo fiber towels, 100% of the pile (loops) of our towels are made with bamboo fiber. What distinguishes our towels from the ordinary cotton towels, however, is the fact that 70% of the base of our towels are also made with bamboo fiber. This distinction is what makes our towels denser, softer, and more absorbent in comparison. This is a premium two-piece towel set that includes one bath towel (27.5 by 55.75 inches) and one hand towel (13 by 29.75 inches). Each of the towels contains 600 GSM, which makes them denser, heavier, and more absorbent. To better decorate your bathroom/washroom, the towel set comes in two different colors: light brown, white.