Bergamo, Luxury Hotel / Spa Bath Towel, 100 Percent Genuine Turkish Cotton, Set of 4, 700 Gsm, White review

Enjoy the luxury of a 5-star hotel with this Turkish cotton bath towel set. These towels feature crisp, solid white 700-gram Turkish cotton and are very absorbent. Why Turkish Cotton? Since it is considered more luxurious, extremely absorbent and softer than other cotton, you will pay quite a bit more for their products, but their durability and smooth textures may be worth the higher price. Besides, Turkish cotton is incredibly soft and it possesses and natural sheen that cannot be matched by other cottons without a lot of processing. Some color of towel will look shiny on the Turkish towel. Turkish cotton is the best washed in warm water using half the amount of a gentle detergent recommended. Bleach will make the white towels harder hand feel. Fabric softener will actually decrease the absorbency of the towel, so avoid using fabric softener.